New Devices by the Pyrofoam Company

Issue 15 and Volume 65.

New Devices by the Pyrofoam Company One of the new devices recently put out by the Pyrofoam Company, 126 North Union Street, Chicago, Ill., is a non-freezing automatic fire extinguisher, generating its own pressure. Another is a stationary automatic pyrofoam apparatus, to be placed over dripping tanks in factories and fot use in dry-cleaning establishments. The company has also recently placed on the market a new “Tip-Top” automatic sprinkler shut-off pole, claimed to be a practically instantaneous method of shutting off the sprinkler head and preventing heavy water damage. The fire extinguishing properties of the Pyrofoam Compound used in its extinguishers is well known, the company making a full line of hand extinguishers and engines. The United States government has installed these extinguishers on many of its battleships, arsenals, and warehouses. Private orders are also on the increase, according to the company’s report.

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