Issue 15 and Volume 65.

METERAGE The city of Chelsea, Mass., is 100% metered. Colorado Springs, Colo., has a total of 12,271 service taps in use, of which 27.5 are metered. Woodbury, N. J., is in favor of installing meters, it is said, and the matter is being considered by the City Council. The town of Little Falls, N. Y., is putting its water services on a meter basis as rapidly as practicable and intends to install 250 this year. The Elizabethtown, N. J., Water Company has installed 2,000 meters and considers that meterage increases the pressure by reducing water waste. The town of Watertown, Mass., now has a fully metered water system with 3,271 meters in service. Expenditures for new meters last year amounted to $2,753. 80. The annual report of R. F. Johnson, Commissioner of Light, Water and Sewers for the city of Saginaw, Mich., shows an expenditure of $938.00 for new meters…

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