Cleveland Fire News

Issue 15 and Volume 65.

Cleveland Fire News (From Our Regular Correspondent) Cleveland firemen will not lose their rights under the pension law when the eight-hour day goes into effect, is the opinion Director Sprosty, and Chief George A. Wallace. Opinions had been previously rendered that firemen, if they accepted the eight-hour day in the performance of duties, would be classed as laborers and consequently would be deprived of benefits under the pension act. “Unless the pension law is changed, I don’t see how firemen will lose their pension rights when working an eight-hour day,” said Director Sprosty. “The impression otherwise is due to an unfounded rumor.” What the attitude of the city of Cincinnati, toward a union of city firemen is, was made known when on March 28, Chief Houston suspended four firemen when they appeared before him and demanded that the newly organized firemen’s union be recognized. Mayor Galvin immediately issued a statement…

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