Issue 15 and Volume 65.

CORRESPONDENCE A Correction from Hartford Department Jonesboro, Ark., March 1st, 1919. To the Editor: We notice in your issue of February 26th, 1919, page 439, an article together with cut, headed: “Short Circuit Wires Causes Total Loss.” Now, in this article it seems to state emphatically that this fire was caused by the short circuit of electric wires. Question: Howdoes he know this? He further states that the fire originated in the center of the building. We would appreciate very much to have further information as to how they got at and determined the origin of this fire. We would thank you indeed, for this information if the writer can so furnish it. Very truly yours, CITY WATER AND LIGHT PLANT, By J. F. Christy, Mgr. New York, April 1, 1919. Chief J. C. Moran, Fire Department, Hartford, Conn. My Dear Chief: The enclosed copy of a letter that has…

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