A Hazardous Suggestion

Issue 15 and Volume 65.

A Hazardous Suggestion The following despatch appeared lately in the daily papers of several cities: “The suggestion of Sir Robert Baden-Powell, head of the British Boy Scouts, that the millions of Boy Scouts throughout the world celebrate the signing of peace by a world-round chain of bonfires, has been adopted by the Boy Scouts of America. The 367,093 Boy Scouts in the United States, will light great fires in all sections of the country on the night the treaty is signed and hold appropriate ceremonies.” This suggestion, coming from so eminent a source as Sir Baden-Powell, will no doubt receive serious attention, and unless given careful thought, will no doubt be accepted. But, it seems to us, a most unfortunate and hazardous mode of celebrating that great and most wished for event—the signing of the peace treaty with the Central Powers. Unfortunate, because at this time especially the advocates of…

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