Issue 15 and Volume 65.

AMERICAN WATER WORKS ASSOCIATION The Officers Nominated for the Coming Association Year—Convention at Buffalo, N.Y. June 9 to 13, 1919—Advance Program and Rules for Exhibits AS announced in FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING, the thirty-ninth annual convention of the American Water Works Association will be held in the city of Buffalo, N. Y., on June 9 to 13, 1919. Two previous conventions have been held in the lake city, the first in 1883, the third annual meeting of the association, when the late J. G. Briggs of Terre Haute, Ind., presided, and the second in 1898, the president being the late Joseph A. Bond of Wilmington, Del. Early indications this year point to an unusually successful convention. The selection of an Eastern city, and especially one so centrally located as Buffalo is a particularly happy one, the last meeting having been held in the West. Then, too, the resumption of a…

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