A Distant Shipment of Fire Apparatus

Issue 16 and Volume 65.

A Distant Shipment of Fire Apparatus On this page is illustrated the first stages in the journey of a Model M-K 750-gallon motor fire engine with hose, manufactured by the Ahrens-Fox Fire Engine Company, Cincinnati, Ohio, to the community of Soerabaya, Dutch East Indies. The apparatus arrived safely, and subsequently did good service at a fire in an adjoining town. The fire at which the first test of the engine took place was in a place known as Sroeni, about twelve miles from Soerabaya. It was a very big fire in the bagasse warehouses of a sugar estate. The first alarm was given at 1 p. m. and at 1:25 the engine arrived at the place of the fire and started work with two hose at exactly 1 :30 p. m. The aspect of the fire was a very dangerous one, but within half an hour’s time, the danger was…

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