Issue 16 and Volume 65.

THE WILLS PUMPING SYSTEM Particularly Adapted to Water Works of Small Cities and Towns—First Successfully Installed in Memphis Forces Water Directly into Mains from Wells THE first unit of the “Wills Pumping System, was installed in Memphis in April, 1910. Fourteen more were installed in next three years, all of which have been, and are now in successful operation. These pumps are situated in the wells along the eastern and southern boundary of the city, far enough apart to prevent interference in flow, and at points where the pressure would necessarily be low. They lift the water from the well, and force it directly into the mains under pressure without the possibility of contamination of any kind, the water being cooler and fuller of its natural gas than it is when furnished through larger distributing mains or stored in reservoirs. These pumps furnish on an average a million gallons per…

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