Kearny Loses Suit for Injunction

Issue 19 and Volume 65.

Kearny Loses Suit for Injunction The town council of Kearny, N. J., which recently sought an injunction to prevent the city of Bayonne from laying pipes for the purpose of supplying water to a number of large manufacturing plants on the Kearny meadows, lost the case before the vice-chancellor. A contract was brought into the testimony for the city of Bayonne which was made by Turner A. Beall in 1895 with the Passaic Zinc Company, by the terms of which Mr. Beall acquired a right of way through the company’s plant on the meadows, a consideration being that the company and its successors and assigns be supplied with water at minimum rates. Mr. Beall, according to Gilbert Collins, council for the city of Bayonne, assigned the right of way to the New York & New Jersey Water Co., subject to the performance of the condition stated, while the Federal Ship…

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