Issue 19 and Volume 65.

AUTOMOBILE ENGINEERING A Simple Outline of the Principles and Working of Motor Vehicles M. S. A. E. (Continued from page 981) DUE to the necessity of rapidly dissipating such a large percentage of the heat value of the fuel that cannot be converted into power back of the pistons, it has just been pointed out that an internal combustion motor must be water-jacketed to carry off heat, instead of being lagged with asbestos to retain all possible heat, as in the case of the steam engine. The cooling system is, accordingly, a very important unit in the various systems that are essential to the running of the engine. While even the most skilled operator of a motor truck or piece of motor fire apparatus need not be conversant with the intricacies of design, nor with the scientific aspect of operation, a knowledge of what goes on inside the cylinder will…

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