Issue 19 and Volume 65.

DIFFERENTIA OF B. COLI The Two Sub-Groups of the B. Coli Group, of Most Importance to the Water Bacteriologist, Briefly Considered—Varied Conclusions of Investigators— Determining Nature and Source of Pollution IN the 1917 edition of the American Public Health Association’s “Standard Methods of Water Analysis” it is recommended that the B. Coli group be considered as including all non-spore forming bacteria which ferment lactose with gas formation and grow aerobically on standard solid media. It is the purpose of this paper to consider briefly the two sub-groups of the B. Coli group which are of the most importance to the water bacteriologist, namely, B. Coli Communis and L. Lactis Aerogenes. In 1893 Theobald Smith cintributed his well-known paper, “The Fermentation Tube With Special Reference to Anareobiosis and Gas Production Among Bacteria,” in which he described the fermentation tube originated by him. In this paper he gave the results of his…

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