Issue 23 and Volume 65.

THE METER DEPARTMENT Methods for its Efficient Operation Considered — Policy of Advising Consumer on Water Works Matters Advocated Repairing and Testing Meters Frequency of Testing Oversizing an Important Question I HAVE no paper on this subject, but will just say a few words in leading the round table discussion. In speaking of the efficient operation of the meter department phase of the subject. I do not wish to pose as a shining example, and I speak of this with some hesitancy, as 1 have noticed in visiting other cities the efficient organization those cities have in handling the meter department. However, those cities have quite a large percentage of their services metered and require a more complete organization. We are only 25% metered, having about 1,900 meters. Any business or department, no matter how large or small, should be efficiently operated, but I want to say that where there…

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