New York Fire Notes

Issue 23 and Volume 65.

New York Fire Notes Within a few days after the new captains’ list was published Commissioner Drennan promoted twenty-one of the successful lieutenants to be captains at $2,800. Twenty-six firemen and engineers were at the same time made lieutenants at $2,350 and twenty-nine firemen were promoted to be engineers at $1,800. The new captains and their assignments are: Chris. Wiemer, Engine 4; Chas. Reith, Engine 11; E. F. Mullaly, Engine 24; J. E. Gunn, Engine 31; J. J. Flood, Engine 33; J. T. Oakley, Engine 44; Thos. Harding, Engine 76; Chas. A. Thompson, Engine 94; J. E. Langille, Engine 153; A. B. Wright, Engine 201; G. L. Moore, Engine 208; E. J. Fallon, Engine 214; W. E. Furey, Engine 230; P. F. Gleason, Engine 239; S. M. Rehfield, Engine 289; M. Seelinger, Truck 5; R. E. McGannon, Truck 6; T. F. Newman, Truck 8; Geo. Schutz, Truck 77; J. A.…

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