Toronto Firemen Withdraw Strike Ultimatum

Issue 24 and Volume 65.

Toronto Firemen Withdraw Strike Ultimatum The following account is taken from the Toronto Evening Telegram, and shows that the firemen of that city have been swayed by wiser councils than those of other Dominion cities: There will be no strike in the fire department. W. L. Moodie, the president of the Firemen’s Union, attended a special meeting of the board of control this morning and temporarily withdrew the ultimatum presented on Saturday, which demanded an increased schedule of wages, with the alternative of a walkout to-morrow morning. In withdrawing, however, President Moodie made it clear that it was only due to the extreme unrest in the ranks of labor at the present time, and he stated that unless the firemen received consideration at the hands of the Board of Control it would be presented again just as soon as the present unrest subsides. When the Board met, Chief Russell presented…

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