A Concrete Example

Issue 24 and Volume 65.

A Concrete Example We have several times urged municipalities to send their chiefs to the convention of the International Association of Fire Engineers, to be held at Kansas City on June 24 to 27, on the ground that such action by the authorities of a city would be a good investment, and that the money spent in defraying the chief’s expenses would be more than repaid by the benefits he, and consequently the department in his charge, would receive through the interchange of ideas and methods of fire lighting with other chiefs. There is nothing like a concrete example, however, to drive home an argument, and therefore the following, from the pen of no less an authority than Chief Sam B. Boyd, the veteran head of the Knoxville, Tenn., fire department, which has come to us within the past few days, is gladly reproduced, as it is one of the…

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