Issue 24 and Volume 65.

METERAGE Sixty-two more water meters have been installed in Bristol, Conn., during the past month. During the past year 5,500 meters have been installed in Akron, Ohio, so that 27,000 services of the entire 28,000 are now metered and Superintendent H. H. Frost expects to have a fully metered system by July. The meters placed in the past year have reduced the per capita daily consumption of water from 82 to 73 gallons and, with an increased population of about 20,000, the total consumption for April, 1919, was no higher than for April, 1918. Under the caption “Meter vs. Faucet System” the News of Salem, Mass., recently said editorially: “At this late day, the lessened per capita usage in city or town water due to installation of meters, as compared with the faucet charge system, hardly calls for emphasis. Wherever contrasts are instituted, meters have vindicated their employment. Some people…

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