Issue 24 and Volume 65.

METERING AND WATER CONSUMPTION Effect of the Installation of Meters Upon the Amount of Water Consumed by the People of a Community —Methods of Controlling Water Waste—Adoption of Sewerage Increases Water Consumption IN considering the effect of the installation of water meters upon the consumption of water, and in comparing the usage in various cities, three elements, which may have an important bearing upon the results, are seldom taken into account. These are: Pressure upon the water system. Extent of house connections with sanitary sewers, especially the use of bathtubs and waterclosets. Effective size of mains and services. Pressure of Water System When per-capita rates of consumption are published o r mentioned, how often is the average pressure at which the water is supplied included? It is a mistake to omit that item as it is an important one. A city with a higher pressure than another will find that…

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