Issue 24 and Volume 65.

WATER RATES The Indiana public service commission has instructed Ele Stansburv, attorney-general, to prepare an appeal from the decision of Jphn H. Edwards, of Mitchell, special judge in the Jackson circuit court at Brownstown, who ruled that the commission does not have authority to change existing water rates in Seymour, Ind., until after January 1, 1920, when the first thirty-year period of the water company’s franchise will expire. The city will continue in the status of an interested third party in the proceedings and the council has instructed John M. Lewis, city attorney, to take such action in connection with the appeal as he believes necessary to protect the interests of the company’s patrons. The order of the commission providing for a general reduction of 10 per cent, in all water rates was issued about a year ago, but a temporary injunction was obtained restraining the commission from enforcing the…

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