Novel Method of Ventilation at a Fire

Issue 24 and Volume 65.

Novel Method of Ventilation at a Fire In our Recent Fires pages is described a novel method adopted by Chief William C. Shepard, of the Pittsfield, Mass., fire department, at a smoky place in the top story of a building, to ventilate the fire. When the department arrived the whole top floor was found to be thoroughly involved, and was filled with dense smoke from the burning furniture, mattresses and pillows which composed the stock. In the crowd of onlookers was an individual with a shotgun, and Chief Shepard took advantage of this fact and requested the bystander to try his marksmanship on the windows of the burning floor. The result proved both the skill of the marksman and the wisdom of the chief, and the windows, shattered by the bullets from the gun, allowed the smoke to escape and the firemen to reach the heart of the blaze by…

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