Broom Factory Fire at Camden

Issue 24 and Volume 65.

Broom Factory Fire at Camden A telephone call at 12:18 a. m. recently from the Electrical Bureau, was for a fire at the Acorn Broom Factory, West and Washington Streets. When Deputy Chief Patterson arrived at the fire, the building was afire from cellar to roof, He immediately pulled Box 129 at 12:25 a. m., which brought Chief Carter on the scene, and he ordered the second alarm from the same box at 12:33 a. m. The fire started on the second floor from some unknown cause, and owing to the nature of the broom corn, it spread to the chute that ran to the cellar. This cellar was also filled with bales of broom corn. The smoke was so heavy that relays of men was necessary to do efficient work. The firemen did excellent work, and saved a good deal of the storage that was ready for shipment. The…

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