Issue 26 and Volume 65.

NEW YORK FIRE COLLEGE COURSE (Continued from page 1551) Use of Tools and Appliances—(Continued) Paradox Holder.—The Paradox holder is constructed of four short prices of metal hinged to a single center piece as a base. This center piece has a socket in it, into which fits the keyed end-piece of the hose line support. This end-piece with its permanent key, is set into the socket and then revolved half way around (180 degrees), thereby locking. In this locked position it is pointing toward the fire, as shown in Fig. 72. There is freedom of movement to the right or left and the stream can also be placed at any angle desired by an adjusting rod which can be adjusted by means of a thumb screw. The principal point in the operation of the Paradox holder is to have the hose support locked in position with the key-way groove pointing from…

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