Changes Motive Power from Steam to Electricity

Issue 26 and Volume 65.

Changes Motive Power from Steam to Electricity Selby, Ohio, has changed the motive power of its pumping station from stream to electricity Two 920 gallon per minute Worthington motor driven centrifugal pumps, directly connected to General Electric 50 horse motors were installed. These pumps working at normal speed will give a pressure of 60 pounds and working in series will give a pressure of 120 pounds. The engineering layout was designed by Philip Burgess, consulting engineer of Columbus, and R. G. Cox, consulting engineer of the Worthing Pump & Machinery Corporation. The electrical machinery was installed by C. H. Lewis of Shelby’ under the direction of the two engineers abovenamed, says a local paper. This gives the water company a duplicate electrical equipment. There is still one steam engine remaining in position in the pumping station. This will be left and kept in first class working order to be used…

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