Fire Gains Headway Through Watchman’s Absence

Issue 26 and Volume 65.

Fire Gains Headway Through Watchman’s Absence A fire at West Sandusky, Ohio, that recently caused serious damage to the Sandusky Glass Company’s plant, was allowed to gain strong headway by the temporary absence of the watchman, who left the plant at 4:40 p. m. The fire had such a start when reported by messenger at 5:55 p. m., that Chief John D. Curtis reports it as being a “raging furnace” when the department arrived. The building was of part iron and steel and part wood construction, two stories in height and about 14 years old. It had hand chemicals for private protection, of the gallons, soda water acid type. The firemen, of whom 25 were engaged, were hampered by the low water pressure at the two 3-way hydrants that were available and also by the extreme narrowness of the 14-foot street. An Ahrens-Fox pump, a White pump and a Clydesdale…

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