Loss of Life in Coal Tunnel Fire

Issue 26 and Volume 65.

Loss of Life in Coal Tunnel Fire Eighty-four dead and 42 others burned, perhaps half of them fatally, was the loss in human material in the fire that recently took place in the Baltimore No. 2 Tunnel, Delaware & Hudson Coal Company, at WilkesBarre, Pa., when 5 kegs of black powder were ignited. The accident occurred at 6:40 a. m., in a train of 14 small open cars in which miners were riding to their employment. There were 12 metal kegs of powder on the train and in some way not definitely established five of them became ignited and at once spread a sheet of flame over the men in the cars as well as a number who were walking in the tunnel. Some of the men who escaped asserted that an overhead trolley wire broke from its fastenings and fell on the metal kegs producing sparks by the contact…

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