Mott Residence Destroyed

Issue 2 and Volume 66.

Mott Residence Destroyed A fire of unknown origin recently destroyed the summer residence of Jordan L. Mott at Middletown, near Newport, R. I. The house was of stone, three stories in height, and with its contents was valued at more than $1,000,000. The family had not yet occupied it for the summer, but were to have done so the next day, and only the caretaker and gardener, who lived in a separate house on the estate, were at hand when smoke was observed issuing from the building. The employees entered the house and tried to call the Newport fire department by telephone, but the instrument was out of order, and they were obliged to use a neighbor’s telephone. The time lost in this way sufficed to give the fire a good start, as there was a high wind blowing. Mr. and Mrs. Mott were occupying apartments in the vicinity until…

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