Issue 2 and Volume 66.

PERSONALS John J. McKone is the new president of the water board of Hartford, Conn. At the annual meeting of the Paris Hill, Me., Water Company, George M. Atwood was elected president, Cornelius W. O’Shea has been elected president of the Board of Water Commissioners of Elmira, N. Y. President O’Shea has been a member of the board for a year. Frank Bachman, recently chief chemist of the California State Board of Health, has transferred his services in that capacity to the Connecticut State Board of Health. The new secretary to the water commissioner of Buffalo, N. Y., is Bryan J. Boyle, who was appointed by the council on the nomination of Arthur W. Kreinheder, Commissioner of Public Works. At the recent annual convention of the American Water Works Association, held in Buffalo, N. Y . the one woman delegate was Miss Zelma Zentmire, chemist for the State Board of…

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