Niantic Department Hampered by Lack of Apparatus

Issue 3 and Volume 66.

Niantic Department Hampered by Lack of Apparatus The fire department of Niantic, Ill., certainly has troubles of its own. The chief, Francis Hess, at the fire which recent’y destroyed the Niantic Carbon Coal Company’s buildings, has only an old hand pump and one chemical engine to work with, in addition to the fact that the town has no water system and water had to be drawn from wells. Three hundred feet of hose were laid. The plant was located at the east end of the town and occupied about two acres in all, with buildings of wood, covered with sheet iron. The alarm was given at 4 p.m., but the structures were too far involved to save and the ten men engaged could only give their efforts to preventing the fire from taking a firmer hold on the coal. It was about nine hours before the chief felt that this…

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