Issue 3 and Volume 66.

NEW YORK FIRE COLLEGE COURSE EVOLUTIONS IN COMPANY SCHOOL (Continued from page 71) 17. Hoist 35-foot ladder to roof and lower same to yard. The ladder is laid down in the yard with the top of the ladder towards the building (Fig. 87). The officer and all the men. except three or four, who are left in the yard to attend to the ladder, go to the roof, taking with them a roof-rope, ladder-roller and an ax. On reaching the roof the roller is placed on a cornice and made fast, the roof-rope lowered, and the men left in the yard tie it around the ladder, two half hitches on each beam, 14 feet from the top, with a bow-line knot in the center. The ladder is then turned over with the rope underneath, so that the rope is between the ladder and the wall going up. Keep pulling up…

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