Why Pumping Engine Tests?

Issue 3 and Volume 66.

Why Pumping Engine Tests? The elaborate tests of fire pumping engines which of late years have become a recognized accompaniment to the conventions of the International Association of Fire Engineers, conducted this year at Electric Park, Kansas City, Mo., under the auspices of the Committee on Exhibits of the association and in charge of Engineer A. C. Huston, of the National Board of Fire Underwriters, were fully described and illustrated in the last issue of FIRE AND WATER ENGINEERING. It occurs to us that these tests, which involve considerable expense and consume much valuable time are now becoming unnecessary. Time was, when the motor pumper was still a novelty and many of the departments were still using the horse-drawn steamer to extinguish fires, that it was a prime necessity to demonstrate what the new apparatus could do, and to what great length its service could be relied upon in an…

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