Issue 6 and Volume 66.

METERAGE The town of Winchester, Ill., has ordered two 3-inch water meters to be placed at the pumping station, so that the exact cost of production may be ascertained and the water revenue system put on a solid basis. Superintendent Beal, of the Water Department of Waltham, Mass , recently decided to investigate the evident waste in the City, and employed an engineer to make a thorough survey, using the Pitometer system. The tests were made quietly in order to get the records of actual consumption under ordinary conditions without consumers having been put on guard. The city was divided into districts and tests made from designated points, and the report showed the total flow to be L977,000 gallons, with a minimum night rate of 1,400,000 gallons, making a per capita use of 63 gallons per day. A material waste was found from drinking troughs, leaks in stuffing boxes, and…

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