Dominion Association Convention Topics

Issue 6 and Volume 66.

Dominion Association Convention Topics The following topics have been selected for discussion at the eleventh annual convention of the Dominion Association of Fire Chiefs, which takes place on August 16 to 22, at Calgary, Alberta: “Proper Tire Equipment for Motor Fire Apparatus.” by Chief C. J. DeFields, Windsor, Ont., and Chief J. E. Buchanan, Winnipeg. Man. “Building Construction and ByLaws Governing Same,” by J. Grove Smith, Dominion Fire Commissioner, Commission on Conservation. Ottawa, Ont. “Building Construction and How It Applies to the Work of Fire Chiefs and Fire Departments.” by Chief John Healey, Denver. Colo., U. S. A. “Municipal By-Laws for Building and for Fire Prevention, Having Been Adopted by Municipal Councils. Should They Not be O.K.’d by Provincial or Dominion Authorities and Not Allowed to be Suspended, Amended or Repealed Without the Consent of the Same Authorities?” by Chief T. E. Heath, Saskatoon. Sask., and Chief D. Guthrie, Nelson.…

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