Dangerous Brooklyn Waterfront Fire

Issue 6 and Volume 66.

Dangerous Brooklyn Waterfront Fire A fire from unknown cause recently endangered shipping valued at $1,000,000 on the water front of Brooklyn, N. Y. A Standard Oil barge that was about to be turned over to its owners, was practically destroyed in the fire that started in the shipyard of Ira Bushey & Son, where a large quantity of yellow pine was burned. The cause of the fire was not known but it started in a bale of oakum directly under the barge. It was discovered by a workman and the alarm was immediately given, while all the shipyard employes turned out to fight the blaze. The fire department turned out in large force and the fire was prevented from spreading to the extent that at first seemed invitable, although damage to the amount of $100,000 was done before it could be brought under control.

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