Plans Improvement in St. Paul Department

Issue 7 and Volume 66.

Plans Improvement in St. Paul Department Commissioner McColl, of the Department of Public Safety, St. Paul, Minn, has a number of plans for the improvement of the fire department next year. One feature is an increase in salary for the men. who are now underpaid, in his estimation. The commissioner will try’ to include in the budget a sufficient sum to raise the minimum salary paid front $100 to $110 a month and the maximum from $115 to $125. New fire stations are also to be included in the general improvements. The engine house at one point must soon be abandoned to allow the use of the site for railroad terminal purposes, and Mr. McColl plans to take advantage of the opportunity to erect the new station in a locality where he thinks it is greatly needed. The Great Northern Railroad gave a site and $30,000 toward building a station…

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