Issue 7 and Volume 66.

SEWERAGE Construction has begun in Stratford, Conn., of the sewage disposal plant with treatment house, tidal basin and sluice house. The village of Deshler, Neb., has contracted for the construction of sewer improvement at an estimated cost of $27,800. The city of Columbus, Neb., is having a sewer system constructed which will comprise approximately 5,500 feet of vitrified sewer pipe, ranging from 10 to 24 inch, and includes 12 manholes and 30 catch basins, also 30 sewer inlets. It will cost about $13,000. Osage, la., is having trouble with its sewer system. Several years ago bonds to the amount of about $100,000 were voted for the construction of a new sewer system, but when a call was made for bids, all bids submitted were far and away in excess of the bonds so the matter was dropped for the time being. Recently another election was held and the vote was…

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