Great Waste Through Garden Hose

Issue 7 and Volume 66.

Great Waste Through Garden Hose The Hydraulic Company, which supplies water to Bridgeport, Conn., is conducting an active campaign to cut down the waste of water caused by the use of stationary hose appliances in violation of the company’s rules. Experts have made tests of these spraying fixtures and find that in fifteen different types an average of 459 gallons per hour pass through a 50-foot hose three-quarters of an inch in diameter. The inspectors have found that in many cases there is a continuous use of the hose for ten hours, which would be a consumption of 4,590 gallons a day for hose alone. The water situation throughout the state is not wholly free from danger of shortage, and in many cities use of garden hose has been prohibited, but the Bridgeport company allows the use of water for garden and lawn on payment of a reasonably small fee.…

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