Meters, Not New Reservoir, Solves Water Problem

Issue 7 and Volume 66.

Meters, Not New Reservoir, Solves Water Problem Wadsworth, Ohio, is pluming itself on the fact that the month of July passed without the customary notice for that month urging consumers to conserve the water supply. There was much opposition to putting meters in, and it was asserted that the shortage of water which usually marked the summer season could be remedied only by enlarging the water system. Mayor Boyer and others affirmed that enough water could be saved by the use of meters to allow an ample supply for some years with the present system and persuaded many of the townspeople to adopt the plan. Fully one-half of the services are now metered, as the users found that the cost of the water service was appreciably lowered and their neighbors followed suit, and it is believed that by the first of the year the flat rate will be entirely withdrawn.…

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