Railroad Held Liable for Delaying Fire Department

Issue 7 and Volume 66.

Railroad Held Liable for Delaying Fire Department An interesting case has recently been decided by the Court of Appeals, in the suit brought by the Globe Malleable Iron & Steel Company, Syracuse, N. Y., against the New York Central and Hudson River Railroad Company, the complaint being that the railroad prevented the fire department from reaching the scene of the fire in a reasonable time and so caused unnecessary loss. The plaintiffs won in the trial court, but the Appellate Division for the Fourth Department reversed the trial court and dismissed the complaint. The case was then carried to the Court of Appeals, with the result that Justice Andrews confirmed the finding of the trial court and reversed the decision of the Appellate Division. It was clearly shown that on the way to the fire, which occurred on June 23, 1912, the fire department apparatus was completely blocked by a…

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