An Unusual Peril for Firemen

Issue 9 and Volume 66.

An Unusual Peril for Firemen An instance of the perils that constantly beset the members of city fire departments is the one encountered at the recent fire in Bayonne, N. J., in the Texas Oil Company’s plant, which forms the cover illustration of this issue. Chief Alfred Davis, in his report, stated that he and his men were obliged to wade knee-deep in hot oil, tar and wax, in order to prevent the flames from reaching the large warehouse across the railroad tracks and adjacent industries. The chief first caused a dam of earth to be thrown up all around the building involved to keep the burning oil from spreading, and had constant streams of water playing on large tanks of oil and gasoline that stood in the yard. Huge piles of empty oil barrels, from 75 to 100 feet high, stood around and added to the danger, but although…

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