Proposed History of the A. W. W. A.

Issue 10 and Volume 66.

Proposed History of the A. W. W. A. On page 511 of this issue is published the prospectus of the proposed history of the American Water Works Association, as outlined by the special publication committee of the Water Works Manufacturers’ Association, which has this important matter in charge. The proposal to undertake this work was first brought before the Manufacturers’ Association at the annual meeting in Buffalo last June, when the A. W. W. A. held its convention. There, however, being only a sparse attendance of the members at this meeting, although the vote at that time was unanimously in favor of commencing the history, it was deemed hardly sufficiently representative, and it was decided to put the matter definitely before the Manufacturers’ Association by means of a mail vote. This, accordingly, has been done, and with the postcard ballot is enclosed the prospectus reproduced on page 511. There can…

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