Issue 10 and Volume 66.

NEW YORK FIRE COLLEGE COURSE Copyright, 1918, Fire and Water Engineering. FIRE STREAMS, NOZZLES AND HOSE LINES (Continued from page 451) Tests and Care of Fire Hose In purchasing fire hose many cities, including New York, set a limit on the amount of elongation and twist permitted in hose under test pressure. For instance, in one city specifications allow 54 inches elongation and not more than two revolutions of twist for a 50-foot section of 2 1/2-inch hose submitted to a pressure of 400 pounds per square inch. Some authorities contend that it is bad practice to limit elongation to 54 inches, as the hose constructed to meet such requirements must necessarily be made larger bulk in the fabric by using middling grade of yarn rather than sea island cotton or grades approximating this standard, because the best cotton is the most elastic and of course the fabric is woven…

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