Issue 10 and Volume 66.

METERAGE The Badger Meter Company has recently signed a contract to supply Kansas City, Mo., with 2,500 meters. The city of San Francisco, Calif., has added 350 water meters recently to its service. The city of Shelbyville, Ind., is extending the meter system as rapidly as possible on the old services, and when any changes are made now at the curb, a meter is installed. There is some opposition to the movement, but the consensus of opinion seems to be in favor of it, as it is believed that a great saving of water and consequently of operating expenses will result. An item recently appeared in this department which stated that the city of New Britain, Conn., was 50 per cent, metered, whereas, in point of fact, the services are completely metered. The statement was based on the circumstances that while 11.000 families are water users, only 5,600 meters are…

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