Issue 10 and Volume 66.

AUTOMOBILE ENGINEERING A Simple Outline of the Principles and Working of Motor Vehicles (Continued from page 447) Ahrens-Fox Circulating Pressure System To improve upon the splash method of oiling, the oil is circulated under pressure directly to the bearings and the excess overflows into the compartments and supplements the lubrication by splash as already described. The Ahrens-Fox lubricating system is an example of this type. The complete motors of the fourand six-cylinder models are shown in Figs. 23 and 24. These motors are of the multiple-valve type, twin exhaust valves and single inlet valves being used, the four-cylinder accordingly having four inlet valves and exhaust valves while the six-cylinder has six inlet and twelve exhause valves. The manner in which the crankcase oil-pan is divided into compartments corresponding to each cylinder is illustrated by Fig. 25. This also shows the oil pump, which is of the gear type and is…

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