The Broadening Use of the Schoolhouse

Issue 10 and Volume 66.

The Broadening Use of the Schoolhouse There was a time within the memory of the youngest of us when the schoolhouse. alike in large cities and small towns, was primarily and only a schoolhouse. To even suggest the use of the building for any other purpose but the education of the young was to raise a storm of protest from the citizen, the taxpayer, and the parents of the school children. The building had been erected and paid for out of the proceeds of taxation for the sole purpose of teaching the young idea to shoot,” and its perversion to any other use was wrong and a heresy to be frowned down and crushed out. But, like so many of our cherished provincialisms, this idea has completely disappeared of late. The schoolhouse, used by the pupils in daytime, has become a community center, and when not in use for its…

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