Boston’s New Fire College

Issue 12 and Volume 66.

Boston’s New Fire College Boston fire department captains and lieutenants have gone back over the years and are attending school—rather college—for the department inaugurated a fire college, mapped on the New York system, with the opening day early in September. And, although still an infant, it has gained such a wide success that chiefs and officers from out-of-town departments wish to matriculate as students. And several have. After the officers of the department finish the course the men will be led to the class room, which is situated on the third floor of fire headquarters on Bristol street, South End section of the city. A room has been built in the gymnasium and fitted with college class-room chairs with a lecturer’s platform and stand. All sorts of technical fire apparatus are exhibited, upon which instructors discourse. Although the New York college is an ancient affair to the Manhattan fire fighters,…

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