Recommendations of New Haven Committee on Sewers

Issue 12 and Volume 66.

Recommendations of New Haven Committee on Sewers The committee on streets and sewers, of the city of New Haven, Conn., has recommended to the board of aldermen the installation of the Miles acid treatment for the East street sewer and the Imhoff treatment for the other outlets. The approximate cost of the Miles treatment was estimated at $300,000 per unit, with $150,000 as the cost per unit of the Imhoff. A. B. Hill, a former city engineer, and a member of the sewer survey committee, differed slightly from his committee, and suggested that the matter be gone into a little more thoroughly, particularly to ascertain whether conditions at the East street sewer, now that the character of the sewage there is changed by the elimination of the waste from Marlin’s and other plants do not necessitate a new treatment to hasten precipitation, according to the New Haven Journal. In the…

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