Boston Falls in Line

Issue 12 and Volume 66.

Boston Falls in Line The very important move on the part of the Boston fire department in the opening of a school for firemen, modeled on the lines of the New York City Fire College, is chronicled in another column. The tendency of modern fire fighting practice follows more and more along the idea that co-ordination and system must be the order of procedure in combating the fire evil. The haphazard, happy-go-lucky methods of the past, when each company and unit used its own sweet will in attacking a fire, and in consequence, when confusion and wasted effort were the order of the day, have now definitely been relegated to the dust heap, and co-operation and scientific uniformity of method have taken their place. The pioneer institution which blazed the way to the attainment of this desirable state of affairs was the New York Fire College. The greatest amount of…

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