Issue 12 and Volume 66.

METERAGE The annual report of the Bureau of Water, Reading, Pa., shows that 1,001 meters were installed in 1917, making a total in use at the beginning of 1918 of 9,790. Of these, 2,552 are Trident. 1,555 Mersey, 871 Badger, 3,032 Lamber and the remainder divided among the other well known makes. Meter rates collected amounted to $159,469.71. At the regular monthly meeting of the council of Lockshaven. Pa., recently, the water situation occupied the attention of the members the greater part of the time, it was said. Various measures were proposed to increase the supply, among them the adoption of a meter rate and the installation of meters on all industrial services. It was the general opinion that this offered the best means of fixing equitable charges and conserving the supply. A rather curious case has come before the court of common pleas in Lisbon, Ohio. The court is…

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