Issue 12 and Volume 66.

CORRESPONDENCE Let Us Hear From Other Volunteers To the Editor: Perhaps it would be encouraging to others, as well as interesting to Chief Soule, of Coatesville, Pa., to pass some comment upon the article written by him entitled “The Volunteer Fireman”, which appeared in your weekly issue of September 3, 1919. As one of the heads of the fire department at Nyack, N. Y., let me say that we have already given a great deal of serious consideration and study to the modern methods and science of fire extinguishment, and as time progresses we hope for still greater results. Owing to the fact that Nyack is so conveniently located to the city of New York, we have been able to take advantage of the knowledge that they possess and are so willing to impart to those interested along these lines, i. e., members of our department have made application and…

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