Issue 13 and Volume 66.

WATER WORKS NEWS Mayor Mravlag, of Elizabeth, N. J., recently invited the mayors of several neighboring towns to meet for conference on the subject of purchasing the holdings of the Plainfield-Union Water Company. The water works department of Zanesville. Ohio, has practically finished the installation of meters in all factories and railroad shops, only three remaining unmetered, and they are to have attention immediately, says Superintendent Haehnlen. The borough council of Ramsey. N. J., has raised the fee for tapping water mains from $15 to $20, on account of the greatly increased cost of material and labor. The old fee, in many instances, scarcely covered the cost of the labor employed in making the connection. Knoxville, Tenn., has had a good deal of trouble with its water supply this summer, having been compelled to boil it for all drinking purposes. It is thought that this condition may be caused by…

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