Issue 13 and Volume 66.

UNUSUAL DAMAGE CAUSED BY BREAK Split in 48-inch Catskill Main in Brooklyn Does Great Damage to Adjacent Property. Unusual Amount of Earth Moved by Escaping Water—Cause and Effect of Break Method of Repair Adopted A RCENT break in a 48-inch Catskill main was noteworthy for the enormous volume of earth moved by the escaping water; for the damage done to railroad and other property; for the extent of undermining of retaining walls, and for the heavy sup— ports built to prevent a repetition of the break. An i 11 u s -trated description of this break is given, as its outstanding features are of general interest to water works men. Time When Break Occurred and Period of Flow The break occurred about 1 p.m. on Tuesday, July 29. The exact time of the break is somewhat uncertain. The first report was received by the department from the police at 1:15…

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